Saturday, November 24, 2007

"But me don't want a ghost in my tummy!"

Last night I was baking my Amish Friendship Bread. The kids were sitting at the bar like they always do. They love to watch me bake and cook. We were just chatting when Carson looked at the picture of Jesus on the fridge. He said, "I want to go see Jesus." This took us into a LONG conversation basically summing up that when people die they go to heaven and see Jesus. Having said this, I didn't want him to want to die just to see Jesus, so I told him more. We talked about how some of the prophets in the book of Mormon and Bible also saw Jesus, like Nephi and Moroni. I told him that he probably wouldn't see Jesus, but he just had to have faith and keep saying his prayers to talk to Heavenly Father and Jesus. He then said, "but he no hear me!"
I was beginning to feel defeated and flustered. How in the world was I going to satisfy him? I told him that when we pray, the way we know that Heavenly Father and Jesus are listening to us is a good feeling we get inside. This feeling is the Holy Ghost. So, when we get answers to our prayers or good feelings that is the Holy Ghost talking to us for Jesus. The Holy Ghost gives us good feelings inside. That's when Carson, being very disturbed, said, "But me don't want a ghost in my tummy!" I couldn't help but laugh. I said, "a ghost in your tummy?" He said, "that's what you said mommy....a ghost!" I told him that it wasn't a scary ghost just a nice feeling in our tummy. That was just his name, The Holy Ghost. He FINALLY said, "Oh."
I had finally satisfied his curiosity. It was a story I don't ever want to forget. Children can be so funny sometimes!

Shy birthday boy...

JD was being very, very shy during the birthday song. Let's be honest though. We're VERY lucky that he didn't break into tears. Half of the time that is actually what would happen. So for him to just hide his face...well, I can deal with that! :o)

Here is a picture of the pie, and of James scarfing it down!

Here is a picture of the pie, and of James scarfing it down!

THE BIRTHDAY BOY (15 days late)

So, JD's birthday was on the 5th, but we decided to wait until Granny came to visit us to actually celebrate.
We did the party after our Thanksgiving Dinner on the Tuesday of that week. It turned out nice, and we had YUMMY caramel pie for his cake! YUM, YUM!!

JD being silly at dinner

Silly Face

These happen to be the only pictures taken of our Thanksgiving Day and dinner. Weird. The only reason the camera got busted out in the first place was because James was being HILARIOUS!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dark Hair Bandwagon...

So, it seems I jumped on a bandwagon that I didn't know existed. I chopped off my hair, and dyed it dark. I love the color, but the cut was frustrating the 1st day. It didn't help that I couldn't get a good pic to save my life. It was a long hard day to say the least. So here you are, stuck viewing an OK pic. One that I got out of maybe taking at least 50 pictures. ENJOY, seriously! :o)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My crazy Carson!