Monday, September 29, 2008

Mukilteo Beach

We went to the beach the first Saturday of Vacation. Joni was at work, and Whitney had promised to take the boys to the beach while we were there. The boys had a blast looking for shells, going up the lighthouse, playing on the toys and hiking on a trail. Only problem is: one minute they would be as happy as can be and the next they would be crying and whining. Oh well. That's kids for you. Thanks Whitney for a fun day out!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Here is a picture of Carson and one of James while we were at playgroup on Thursday. My friend Brittany is so talented and brought her camera and took some shots of most of the kids. I was lucky she was there, because these are 2 pictures that just HAVE to be framed. Thanks Brittany for coming. Not just because you take awesome pictures, but because we really like having you around!

Carson and JD are the 3rd and 4th pictures down.

CLICK HERE to check 'em out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Flight from Boise to Seattle

We've flown out of the same gate twice now (B15) in a months time, and we're starting to make friends. Mainly the guy who takes our tickets and lets us board. He has shown us pictures of himself with a HUGE fish, and has made the boys' experience waiting for the plain a blast! This last time he had the kids help signal the plane in (through the window) and then had the pilots wave to us from the plane while we were in the airport. The kids thought that this was quite AWESOME! AND THEN.....they got to sit in the cock-pit and talk with one of the pilots. JD got stage fright like always, but it was fun for them. I can't wait to fly out of B15 again!

James just HAD to follow the fish stream in the Seattle airport. He wouldn't watch were he was going, and we make people halt to a stand still because he would walk right in front of them! Oops, SORRY! I was just letting my child entertain himself!

Monday, September 22, 2008


We got to the airport and Whitney wasn't there yet. So, we got to wait for him to come which was perfect because then I was able to get some footage. Here it is! I will have a couple of pictures from the flight coming soon.

ps The blogger video thing hates me and has a conspiracy against me. It won't work for me any more.


Okay people. We're going to have to take this one day at a time because I've been gone for so long and I have so many posts to make. I just don't want to overwhelm myself.
This was a week before I left for Washington. Dorian's best friend Erik and his family Jodi, Luke and Mercedes came to visit. The kids and the mom's just kind of relaxed and went to a fun park one of the days while the hubbies went fishing. They had a great time and came home with some crazy stories about losing $20 sunglasses, and Dorian's whole fly box containing ALMOST his whole entire collection of flies. Don't even ask me how much money that was lost, but it had to have been AT LEAST $180!!! Way to go guys! At least I got some good laughs out of it.
Thanks for coming guys! We had fun with you.

Jodi helping the boys play with the leap frog



Erik. He's a pretty cool dude! :o)


Erik's AWESOME cast

Erik's fish

Dorian and his fish

Another one

Monday, September 1, 2008



"Rocks in my Dryer" is having a cool little meme on her blog. She says: "In honor of Labor Day, it's about...well, labor. And not the kind you get a day off for, either".

* * * *

How long were your labors?

Kid #1: 10 hours. (First contractions to baby in arms)

Kid #2: 7 hours. (SAME)

How did you know you were in labor?

Kid #1: Contractions starting

Kid #2: Contractions satrting

(Both Saturdays at 2:00am)

Where did you deliver?

Kid #1: Madison Memorial Hospital (Rexburg, ID)

Kid #2: Stevens Memorial Hospital (Edmonds, WA)


Nope. Completely drug free!!



Who delivered?

Kid #1: Midwife (Lillian)

(Lillian Not pictured. But my Doula Kelly is there!)

Kid #2: For some reason I can't remember his name (Kevin something!), but he was the BEST doctor EVER!!!!

(both of my original doctors were on vacation when I went into labor!)

If you'd like to participate, I'd love to read your stories. Leave a comment if you do!!