Friday, June 27, 2008

Horses eat Grass

We have a field behind our house and they put a pony back there. I showed the kids the next day because they had put the horse back there after they had gone to bed. Carson asked me what the horsie was doing and this is how the story went:

Me: "Oh it's just walking around eating grass."

Carson: "Horsies DON'T eat grass!"

Me: "Yes they do, they eat Hay..."

Carson: "yeah."

Me: "....and carrots...."

Carson: "yeah."

Me: "....and apples..."

Carson: "yeah."

Me: "....and grain...."

Carson: "yeah."

Me: "....and grass!"

Carson: "NO! They DON'T eat grass!!"

Me: "Carson, Horsies eat grass!"

Carson: "No, they don't eat grass."

Me: "Carson, I am smarter than you, and horses eat grass!"

Carson: "...and I am smarter that YOU, and Horsies DON'T EAT GRASS!"

Me: "whatever."

Here's the field and pony.

Spray Park Adventures

We've gone to the spray park twice now this summer, and I have a feeling we'll be going a lot more often. They boys love playing around in the water. There is also a carousel that the boys feel like they have to ride every time we go, and even though it's $1 for ONE ride, how can I deny them that fun? I also found out that through August 8th Mon-Fri they give all the kids free lunch. I really can't pass that up!!! Here are a couple of pics from Wednesday.

On the carousel

Cutest picture ever!

Mom and Carson

James and Mom

Fancy Nancy and James

This is what Carson does to get arm after going in the cold water

This is JD warming up

Carson and Nancy

Carson REALLY enjoying himself! :o)

"Nomie" and James (don't ask me why he swithced up the M for and N-but it's kind of cute.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Carson's Birthday

Carson's Birthday was a really fun day. We had about 12 kids (minus the babies that came with their mamas) come to celebrate with Carson. He had picked out a camping/outdoors cake, and he knew we were getting him a fishing rod for his birthday, so I turned it into a fishing and outdoors themed party. We started out by decorating some bags for the party favors. We colored on them and put bug and animal stickers all over them. Then we went fishing. I put up a blue sheet and we fished over it for a little baggie of goldfish and a second time for a baggie of Swedish fish. Then we went outside and did some mini ice treasures I had put 4-5 bugs, snakes or animals in the ice treasures. They took their time and got them all out, and added those to their bags. Then we came inside and opened presents and after that we had cake and ice cream.
They boys went down for a nap after everybody left, and when they woke up we went out to eat at Sol Rio. Carson kept telling our server and everyone else who would listen that, "Today is my birfday, so you have to sing about me!" Unfortunately Sol Rio didn't sing to him, so we did! He had such a fun day!

Carson fishing

his fish that he caught

JD taking his turn. He watched every kid take their turn, and couldn't get enough. Every time a fish would come over the "river" he would squeal with delight!

JD's fish

Ice treasures

getting ready for presents

20 hungry piggies. One of the families that was there has an illustrator in the family. Their dad wrote a little happy birthday message to Carson in the book. Illustrated by him, and written by his mom. Pretty cool!

We were having a hard time getting him to actually take his eyes off the presents and look into the camera. We would get a picture like this after 3 attempts previous.

bug jug. We had a pet beetle for a few days. Carson named him Barry. We also found a big nasty black cricket in our house and put him in there for 2 days. We finally let them go. I was SO hoping they wouldn't die on my watch!!

His cake

Sol Rio

Life jacket, spongebob watch from Nancy

Sunglasses from Fancy Nancy (their babysitter, my friend)

Spongebob fishing rod!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The other day I worked the morning shift. I came home and Dorian had told me that he drove to Rexburg and took the boys to walk around the nature park. Dorian took his fishing rod, so that they could try to catch some fish. Here is a picute of James looking like a little fisherman. (this was the only picture taken on the trip)

Today Carson was able to put to use his SpongeBob Square Pants fishing rod and reel. At Lone Pine Nursery (between here and Rexburg) kids were able to fish for free. Carson was so excited that he was finally able to go fishing with his dad. Dorian didn't catch any fish. BUT CARSON DID!! Here are a couple of pictures. (they weren't able to get any of him reeling the fish in. He needed too much help)

The Day Our Papa left.

Our Papa came to visit us the beginning of June. He was here for his birthday, and I have a video that I want to put up of that, but we're working through some technical difficulties. Anyway, these are some of the pictures from Whitney leaving. We miss him so much already!!! We hope we see you really soon Whit!

Eating breakfast with the boys

Carson and Papa

James and Papa



The other night I went in the boys' rooms to open their windows. It had been a pretty hot day. I opened the door of JD's room, and this is what I found:

James sleeping standing up!!! I just had to capture the moment!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Carson!

I can't believe that 4 years have passed away already. It's hard to believe that 4 years ago today we were welcomed by little Carson. He has been such a joy to have in our family. He keeps the humor alive, and he is so smart. Carson, I just wanted to say that we love you so much and we're so glad you are a part of this family. We hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for being such a good boy.
Mom and Dad


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to jump on here and wish Dorian a Happy Father's Day.
We are so glad that you are a part of this family. You bring joy and happiness and a whole lot of love to our home. You are an amazing dad. The kid's look up to you so much, and I love watching them learn new things. They are so eager to learn everything they can from you. Thanks for being the best dad ever!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dr visit UPDATE

Okay, so hopefully you've read the blog entry below before you read this one.
Today I went to work again, and Dorian went fishing. The boys were babysat by their FAVORITE BABYSITTER, Fancy Nancy. She took them to the parade that we had here in Rigby and then went to Rigby lake. I had just gotten home when she pulled up. We threw the kids in the bath because they were covered in sand. After I pulled them out to dry them off, I saw that Carson needed to blow his nose. I grabbed some tissue and had him blow. Then we did the other side. That side sounded a little full, which bummed me out, because I just got sick yesterday and I thought that he was now getting sick. I had him blow each side again. I looked at the tissue, and YEP! You guessed it! THE OTHER HALF OF THE ERASER!!! (from the other nostril I might add) Apparently the doctor didn't think it was necessary to look in the other side. I think it's all cleaned out OFFICIALLY now!
The penny is to show the size of the eraser.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Doctor Visit

I worked this morning. Dorian drove up with the kids, and we made the swap. Dorian let me know that Carson said that he had put an eraser up his nose and that he couldn't blow it out. Dorian had said that he couldn't see anything and that it was probably nothing. "It would work itself out."
I had a look up his nose, and I could see a bit of eraser, and I tried to get him to blow it out, but hardly any air would come out as he was trying. His eye was also watering quite a bit as he was trying to blow it out. I asked him if he put the whole eraser in his nose, and he said that he had bit off a piece and put it in because he was trying to get the paper out that he had stuck in there. We were at the mall (that's where we met) and the doctor's office was just around the corner, so I told Dorian I was going. He REALLY advised me not to.
We got to the doctor, paid the $20 co-pay (ERR) and sat down to wait. We were called back 5 minutes later and the doctor had a look at his nose. He pulled out all of the utensils and went to work. He pulled out 2 pieces of eraser and then saw more. He then had to dig deep and he pulled out a wad of paper. Pretty big I thought! Then there was one more piece of eraser.
When I got home I realized that I had the camera in my purse the whole time, and could've gotten a picture of the debris on the gauze!!! SORRY GUYS (i know you were just dying to see). I'm just glad that all is well. ($20 later)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

JUNE 11th and....


It was 36 degrees while I was driving to work this morning, and was snowing up until this afternoon.

Call me crazy but if summer doesn't come soon, I'll be packing up my bags and moving somewhere warmer!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Lately when granny has visited us she has brought a book for everyday that she's here. Unfortunately she wasn't able to come this trip, but Papa did, and she didn't fail the kids one bit!!! They are actually a little bit spoiled.
Here are some pictures of the surprises and books that they got this trip around.

SURPRISES: Rocks from Melissa Terry. She picked these up in Cabo San Lucas. (The boys have a rock collection). The other surprise was from Papa. He found sticks and wood for the boys on the beach in Cabo. Carson and James were so excited to have them!

The other surprise was a fishing rod and reel and a net, with a bunch of fish. The rod and the fish are magnetic. They thought this was a great gift.

Here are the books that they got. They just love reading all of their new books! I think I need to add an extra shelves to closet to store more book! The kids now know their Granny as: "THE BOOK GRANNY!"

This is a video of them waiting for their books. Carson is a little sneak and had a little look in Papa suitcase downstairs and KNEW that there were more books to come. :o) He's too smart for his own good.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So basically I have the best friend anyone could ask for! Without me asking she read my last blog and scrounged up some pictures from when we were married.
So now I can say that this was an amazingly awesome day. It's the greatest thing to be sealed for time and all eternity to your best friend. Thanks Dorian for being there for me and the family. We love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for these past six years, and the kids and I are looking forward to many more years to come. WE LOVE YOU!!! (Especially me!)
Happy Anniversary!