Friday, August 29, 2008


The other day I went to get the boys' hair cut. I was telling the barber how we were going to play at Tauphus park at the zoo. It's just a really fun park. He then asked me, "You know there is a Z-O-O (spelled it out) there. Are you planning on going there too?"Carson walked over to me and said, "Z-O-O, mom! That spells ZOO!!!" My jaw dropped to the floor. I was in shock! Since when did my 4 year old learn how to spell??

Family pictures...

THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!! You are the best for spending all of that time with us. It was so nice to spend a couple of hours with you, even if it was just a short time while you took our pictures. You've got skills sister!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tripping and falling on a...

We went to get our pictures taken yesterday with my talented, super kind and best-est friend Lisa. We went to Rexburg and got out of the car and it was pretty windy. We decided to go to the greenhouse on campus first. While we were in there snapping some pictures, James tripped and fell on some Cacti. OUCH! He was like the Hyena from the Lion King, and we had to sit there and pull out the little spikes. He still has some stuck in there (like slivers) and I'm debating whether or not I should take him to the doctor or not. Poor little JD!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


UPDATE: There is a new post below this one!!! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT!

Well, I'll be honest! I HATE reading a good book and finishing it, having to come back to reality. I love to live in a character's world. I hate the next day. What do you read now? I think I'll re-read BREAKING DAWN. It's too good not to live through it all over again. Then, by the time I go home to Washington maybe I won't resent starting a new book with new characters. I'll read the HOST. The Twilight Saga has changed me forever. You're probably laughing! It hasn't changed me in a way you might be thinking about. I owe it Stephenie Meyer for helping me become a reader! I love crawling into my bed at night and reading a good book. I wasn't this way until I stumbled across TWILIGHT. I am now a forever reader, and it makes me so happy.
BREAKING DAWN was so awesome!!! For all of you who haven't read these yet, and are looking for an easy, good read you have to jump on the bandwagon with us! You won't regret it! (This is a fact! I have many friends that could attest to it!)

Cave Falls

While I read BREAKING DAWN all day long, Dorian took the kids on a little adventure. I'm glad they had fun getting out and doing something fun. Besides, I'm not going to complain about the quiet that surrounded me while I read. Man I love those books!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Dorian had a work party a little over a week ago. It was at Heise Hot Springs. We loaded up the kids and got there about 11:30. We were some of the first people there, which is a good thing since Dorian is a manager. We ate some food, and waited for Nancy and Tyler to show up. Dorian didn't feel like swimming, and I wanted some friends to help me take the boys down the water slide, and in the pool. We forgot our camera at Rocky and Andrea's house, so Dorian snapped some photos with his iphone. We had a blast! I left at about 4:30 to go and give plasma. Nancy kept Carson and James and they didn't leave there until after 8:00pm. It was a long day for them, but a fun day for all!!

Me coming down with Carson

Tyler coming down with James. They bonked heads

James and I coming down....I REALLY didn't want to get my hair wet.....


For at least 2 seconds. Poor hair, and poor James. All I could do was laugh about it. Dorian was in Hysterics. (I didn't think it was that funny!)

Heather, Trey (Carson's "buddy") and Tessa

Trey, Carson James and Mom.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dorian turned 30!!!!!

First off sorry for the plethora of pictures. I just couldn't decide which ones to put up. So, I put almost ALL of them on here. Dorian had his birthday on August 3rd, and yep, you read it: THE BIRTHDAY BOY TURNED THE BIG 3-0!!! I tried to have a surprise party, but since he caught on to the whole charade, AND only 4 of his friends showed up (a lot of them were out of town, or had to work) it wasn't much of a surprise. Oh well! I had a back up surprise. I framed a picture that he thought was just the greatest ever!! Only problem: it was pricey, and it won't be put up anywhere where the public can see it. Maybe one of the boys rooms will get it until he gets an office! :o)
We had fun, and yes he blew out all 30 candles, and I got a healthy dose of smoke sent down into my lungs. The night was fun, it was just a bummer that he was so sick.
Happy birthday Dorian!!! We love you!

an itunes gift card and another book to read from Rocky and Andrea

unwrapping the present

Dorian was so excited (check out the face and the fist in the air)

telling the boys all the different flies

Taking a better look at it

Wii fit. What else is there to say. He's so serious about it. haha


My little singer

...and drummer

Melissa and Andrea

Eating Watermelon

Carson was running away from me so I couldn't get his picture. This is what I ended up with

Carson's foot in Spencer's mouth!

The band.

As my boys would say, "Rock it out, Tyler!"

Here's the video of Dorian blowing out the candles and my choking on smoke: