Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have MONTHS to catch up on. It's a little overwhelming. Here are just a few random pictures of things that were going on in September. None of these were big enough to make their own post.

Dorian and a fish he caught. He did a lot of fishing this month.

Kimber holding a sleeping Tessa.

Tyler and Tessa meeting for the first time. She is quite fond of him! ;o)

A sleeping Tessa. Her mouth cracks me up!

Brian, Dorian and Tyler wrestling. This is all they seem to do these days.

Cute little Tess. ( 3 months old. Taken on Sept. 3rd)

A piggyback times 2!

Sporting their most AWESOME tie-dye undies!

Monday, November 16, 2009

LAST Washington post!!!

Finally it was time to go home. My flight was delayed a few hours (so fun with 3 kids, one of which was 2 months old). We played on the toys for a while before heading down to catch our plane. Tessa cried like a banshee when we first got on the plane, but that soon stopped, THANKFULLY! All in all, everyone was pretty well behaved, it was just such a LONG day (8 hours traveling).
I initially thought I would NEVER do this again, but now that months have past it wasn't so bad. I guess it seemed even worse, because when I got to Boise, my awesome friend picked me up in their truck to tell me that my car battery was completely dead and wouldn't charge. The next morning I was on the phone trying to find a new battery for the van.
It was just a little stressful, but so worth it to see my families and spend a little time with Leslie (she's a mad canner...lots of spaghetti sauce!!)

Carson and James playing on the toys

Carson was bored

His battle wound. It looks like the brick won! He fell straight on his face off the swing....OUCH!

Carson took this picture of me and Tess.


Thanks for a great trip Mom and Dad and Joni and Whitney!! It was so good to see everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Jen

My friend Jen has been asking me to get pictures up of when I was a baby so she could compare Tessa's looks with my looks. I told her she doesn't look a thing like me, but decided to put the pics up anyway....JUST FOR HER!!! (and everyone else who wants to take a look!)



hmmm....Jen....maybe I was a little wrong...
What do you think?!?!




Monday, November 9, 2009

One of my last days in Washington

I've almost caught up on posting from my trip to Washington back in August...I know...I'm just a little slow!

We went to the Alderwood mall. I got Carson some school clothes since he missed his very 1st day of school while we were away. Then we played. After that I headed over to my Mom's for the last time and hung out for a while.

Here are the mall pictures

Carson and Aubrey

Kissin' the cuz!

James (with Clayton) showing Grandpa his drawing

Carson's drawing. (the grey thing is a frog sitting on a lilly pad in the water)

My younger sister Megan with her little girl Aubrey born 5.23.09
and me and Tessa born 5.27.09
I hope these girls have fun being cousins!

Carson and Tessa loving each other one morning.