Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet another Preschool Graduation and on his birthday!!


James graduated from Preschool yet again! (lol)

Ellie seemed to make this whole experience of preschool without Carson a whole lot easier on James. Even thought half of the times I dropped him off they had to carry him away from me while he was screaming my name and reaching for me to take him back. It broke my heart, but I knew it was the best thing for him. The last couple of times he went, he got a ride from Ellie or Haylie. He'd leave the car and never look back. Guess I should've been doing it that way from the beginning!

James and Ellie

They sang Happy Birthday to him and this cute little girl wearing her princess tiara! Of course he was embarrassed!

my little 4 year old

Ellie, Haylie and James

Congrats James on yet another Preschool Graduation!! I'm looking forward to the next one this spring!

First Cereal

Tessa's first cereal was given to her on November 4th.

What is this stuff?

For me? Thanks Mom! This is so exciting. My first cereal....YUM!

wait and minute, hold on, WHAAAAAT is this!?!? This is not good. You actually want me to eat this stuff?

NOT happening! Thanks, but no thanks.

Lets just say Tessa was not fond of eating cereal or any other type of baby food for that matter. She is JUST NOW getting to the point where I'm not ripping my hair out from all the frustration of her not eating. She would spit it back out, or just not open her mouth to begin with! I've had to get to the point where I would just expect her to only eat about 4 bites. She's getting better though! It looks like all those nights of 4 bite-sittings are starting to pay off!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello!!! Late Halloween Post (W-O-W! That's late!)

Halloween Night

Here are the boys OUt Trick-or-Treating

I dressed up like Dorian this year. All his clothes. I look like a creepy gay guy....

Carson's School Party

They got some cool toys and treats, and they had a Halloween Parade. I was in charge of an activity for the party, and I had lost my voice that day, so that was interesting, but the kids had fun playing "Goblin, Goblin, Ghost!" and dancing to some songs.

This girl is Carson's crush. She is the tallest kid in the class, while Carson is one of the shortest! lol

Ward Halloween Party

I only got a couple of shots of Tessa. They weren't very good since I didn't have a voice and couldn't communicate with Dorian on what I was trying to do. This is what we get.

Boo at the Zoo

My friend Jen and I went to Boo at the Zoo. It was pretty dang cold! It wasn't very busy when we got there so that was nice, but after we had gone through one time (15 minutes) it was busy and we were packing up to leave. I probably won't be going there again. So thank you Boo at the Zoo! You were fun while you lasted!!
This is when I lost my happened while I was driving home.

Couple's Halloween Party

Every month a bunch of our friends try and get together and have a couple's party. This month Somer was in charge, so she decided to have a Halloween party. Dorian and I went in our PJ's (the best I could get him to do) and I brought ranch dip and veggies. I made a hand coming out of the ranch. It looked cute....

Me, Tessa and Zack

Natalie and Chris

Marie and Drew (Jim and Pam from the Office Halloween episode)

Maryanne and Cesar

The food

Somer and Zack

Demery and Theron

Becca and baby Luke

Brian and James (Brian babysat for us)

Carson watching video games.....*sigh*...boys!

Wow! Halloween was so busy! No wonder I hadn't blogged about it yet! It was a little overwhelming.