Friday, July 31, 2009

to the Doctor x2

here's a shot of our chunky 13 pounder!!! Look at those cheeks and that chin!

Tessa got her 2 month shots today. We were mostly really excited to see how much she weighs. Here are her stats:

Height: 24.5 inches (98th percentile)

Weight: 13 lbs even (92nd percentile)

Head: 78th percentile

She's a good girl and growing so big. She's a good eater and a good sleeper, and MOSTLY a pretty mellow baby. We love her and can't get enough of her!

Carson went today to get his kindergarten shots. He wasn't quite as brave as last year (he didn't even cry last time) but hey, shots can be a scary thing right?

Here are his stats for his 5 year check up:

Height: 39 3/4 inches (3rd percentile)

Weight: 35.8 (13th percentile)

Get growing Carson, or your little sister is going to be taller than you!!!!!!!! ;o)

Got Swine Flu?

The SICKEST yet FUNNIEST picture I've ever seen!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brothers and the Sister

Monday, July 13, 2009

7.5.09 Blessing Day

We blessed Tessa on the 5th of July (also my parents anniversary.) We were sad that none of our family could be here, but hopefully the pictures will make up for it a little bit.

Tessa Jo

I just thought this picture was too funny!!! I found it as I was cropping pics. (Look at her hand!!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Night of the Fourth

We were able to go to the Bigelow's Hotel and watch the fireworks from there. You are so close your body and teeth rattle. It was so cool, and besides, the Bigelows are ALWAYS so fun to be with. Another plus was that there were a lot of kids for the boys to play with.

Penny and A WHOLE LOT OF KIDS thinking she's just the coolest person EVER!! Thanks Miss Penny and Dave for inviting us over. The food was great and the company was even better!

a picture of the fireworks we got to see! :o)
(Thanks Alli! I stole it from you!!)

Rexburg Parade: July 4, 2009

We woke up that morning and headed over to Rexburg for a fun time at the Parade. IT was actually quite a LONG parade, and we left a little early and went to eat at Gringos. We haven't been there in ages, and we were able to go with some friends in the ward.

Tessa sleeping in the stroller

Carson waiting for Candy!

James collected ROCKS while....

Carson collected CANDY!!

Carson waving to the floats and people so they would throw candy at him!

James and Dad

The family! (i'm not sure, but this may be our first family photo. Sad huh!?! 6 weeks after Tess was born.)

A fun day Swimming

This day we spent in our driveway, swimming in our pool. (Well, some of us spent it sleeping!! :o) )

Tessa's Ponytail

So fun and so cute!! What more could a mommy want!?!


A couple Saturdays ago Dorian took the boys to a local nursery for a free day of fishing. Last year Carson caught a fish and Dorian didn't. Carson STILL won't let Dorian forget about that day. So this year, everybody was excited to see who would get the fish and who wouldn't. Well, nobody caught a fish but James and Dorian had one on their line! James was excited to be able to feel what it felt like to have a fish on the line.
Nobody seemed to be catching fish that morning, so the kids got a little bored. This is how they entertained themselves:

A dead fish on the shore. They thought it would be fun to put dirt and worms on it.

Carson having a blast!

James putting dirt and worms on the fish. See his little tongue sticking out? He's REALLY concentrating!

Pink Condoms

Before Tessa came along I was sitting at the computer when Dorian walked up to me and said, "Hey, while you're at the store will you pick up about 5 or 6 pink condoms?" All I could think was why the heck would he want pink condoms? My first thought was he must be handing them out as a "We had our Baby" gift. Pink for the girl and a condom for "I hope this doesn't happen to you?" Well, he quickly informed me that it was so he could tie some flies. Well, this was a before picture of the condom...I know you were all dying to see it!!! is the finished product!! I wasn't sure what to expect. What fly needs a pink condom to make? Well, here it is: And I KNOW you were dying to see this even more that the first pic!! :o)

A little worm! And he's actually been catching fish with it! Good job Dorian.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few of Tessa's faces...

**Blog binge yet again. Keep scrolling down to check up on the happenings of the Ducker Family**

Sticking her tongue out

Her pooping face, and yes, there was a lot of pooping happening...

A Yawn

A smile

Goodbye Granny and Papa :o(

The Boys

Joni and Whitney

Grandparents and Grandkids

Somebody said something silly.

Dorian and his parents

James took this one

Carson took this one! (Pretty dang good, although I did crop it to get a closer pic!)