Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Time with My Family

Grandma and Tessa

Grandpa and Tessa

This is how we went everywhere for 10 Days. Let's just say it really is nice to have a van where the boys can't touch each other! toward the end of the trip they were even pulling each other's hair. Not fun in my book.

Tessa and Aubrey ( 4 days apart! :o) )
If you look closely they are dong the same thing with their hands!
I like to call them our little cheerleaders!

More in Washington

Still the first day. The boys got home from their train ride, and I came home from my mom's house. Carson and James wanted to love on their sister. Then they went for a walk on the trail right behind Granny and Papa's house to feed the ducks and play on the playground. It sure is fun visiting!

Carson and Tessa

Carson, James and Tessa

James and Tessa (Tessa has a look of "WHAT THE HECK" on her face!)

On the Trail

Feeding the ducks

Thanks Papa for being so great and always taking them out on a walk. They sure do enjoy it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When we went to Washington (Aug '09)

Boise: Leslie's house

I love my friend Leslie for a few reasons.
1. She makes me laugh
2. She teaches me something new every time I visit her
3. She's always so willing to let me stay the night at her house and take me to the airport and pick me up again
4. She has a handy husband who saved my life this last trip and unistalled/installed a dead and new battery for my car.
5. I've known her for a while and she never has anything bad to say about anybody.
Love you Les!!
(i just wish i would take more pictures when i visit her...)

Macey Jo and Tessa Jo they are a year apart.
Macey just wanted to LOVE on Tess.
Leslie and Macey

The infamous picture in the cockpit. We love the Boise airport! They are so nice and we are beginning to form a relationship with the guy who takes our ticket before we board. He's there EVERY TIME!

The Train Ride:
From Everett to Seattle

A guy that goes to Joni's bank got these glasses for the boys (right Joni??)

Silly Boys

On the train

eating their cookies they picked out for the trip

Carson is a new fan of Macaroons!

looking bored, but I'm sure he thought he was being funny

Carson and James looking out the window

In front of the train


Walking in Seattle to the bus stop

Waiting for the bus

snapping a pic of their granny!

Apparently they liked the bus ride more than the train ride....
Weird. And the bus was so much cheaper!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alli . Jenni . Andrea

When Allison and Jenni came to visit

Duckers and the Hancocks

Ducker girls and Pratt girls

Tessa and Alice meeting for the first time
Alice is 10 days younger than Tessa. (Little Tess looks like a giant next to Alice!!!)

Thanks for stopping by on your way back to Utah. It was so good to see you guys, meet the baby girl and get Allison's sweet news of the new baby on the way!! ;o) LOVED IT!

When Andrea came to visit

Roman girls and Ducker girls

Aspen and Tessa meeting for the first time. Aspen was born the beginning of July.
As you can see, she really didn't care to look at Tessa too much. Maybe next time...

Andrea holding Tessa.

Thanks for coming over to hang out Andrea!! It was so good to see you and meet you tiny little baby. She is beautiful, you look great and I look forward to seeing you guys again. Hopefully in the NEAR future!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Huckleberry Picking

Dorian took the boys huckleberry picking in the middle of August. It was nice to have it be just me and Tessa for a while. The boys had fun. They were supposed to be picking enough for me to add to another berry to make jam, but all that was brought home were the berries Dorian picked. Carson and James just ate theirs as they picked. Oh well!

Crawling up the trail?? Don't ask!

Looking for shells. They actually found a bone that will be blogged about later. But in the words of Dorian, "it was handcrafted by an ancient civilization made to tenderize meat."

The view

The bone...

THE VIDEO!!! Turn the music off first!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Look who got her ears pierced!!

August 1st I went shopping at the mall with James, and came home with Tessa's ears pierced. I already knew I would be piercing them soon, and Dorian gave me the OK, but I didn't plan on doing it this day. It was a fun surprise for Dorian and Carson when they got home from floating the river. I love that she looks so girly even when she's not wearing a bow!!!