Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 month check up (3 weeks late)

We went to Tessa's 4 month check up on Thursday October 22, 2009. Here are her stats:

Height: 27 inches (98th percentile)

Weight: 16 lbs 9 oz ( seventy-something percentile)

She's growing good and she's getting big. She wears 6-9 months clothes and some 12 month clothes. I would appreciate it if she were smaller, but her dad is LOVING that she's tall. He wants her to be super tall so she can have an extra advantage when she plays volleyball. (silly dad!)

Tessa got 3 shots, and it was a rough 31 hours!!! (yes, I was counting)
She wouldn't stop crying, she vomited, had the runs and a fever that wouldn't go away even with the tylenol. She would cry if you moved while you were holding her, or just plain picked her up. She was acting like her body was so sore. I felt so bad for her (and me) and I'm not looking forward to giving her shots again....

picture: Tessa finally falling asleep after crying forEVER! We were both pooped.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The Summer Tessa Started Growing...

picture by Lisa Stephenson

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A nice hot day at my Mom's

Thankfully my mom has a sprinkler. Thankfully my mom has a dog and thankfully my mom has a dog that is obsessed with trying to eat water!!!!
It entertained my kids for hours.

Maggie eating the water

James eating the water

Carson eating the water

"Best Brothers" lounging in the sun warming up.

Another Washington day (even more to come)

It started out with Granny's famous pancakes. She made special ones for the boys. Their names...

We went to the neighbors house to rake a look at their coy fish. The boys thought that was pretty great. I was a little nervous that would take a dive in....HEAD FIRST!

That night I was able to go visit my friend Kalei. It was so good to see her and catch up. I felt a little bad though because her kids were still awake at 11:00pm! YIKES!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun at Granny and Papa's

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Swinging on the Hammock. A favorite pastime.

Tessa sleeping

Playing in the pool

Popsicle break

Carson telling James to look in the hose while it was off. Papa turned it on and got James in the face. I've never seen Carson so excited to play a prank on somebody before!

Papa helped Carson climb a tree while we were visiting. Can you "FIND CARSON?" (I loved Where's Waldo growing up)

Showing their STRONG muscles after the tree climb.
Carson Sunbathing with his Frosty the Snowman

Carson & James with their new "FRIENDS" from Melissa Terry.

Tessa enjoying sleeping in the sun like her Granny

Soaking it all in!!!

We sure do *LOVE* our Granny and Papa's backyard. It's like a little piece of heaven on earth. SIGH.....


Lindsey and Tessa

Aubrey, Tessa, Steve and me

Tessa on Sunday

VIDEO OF TESSA (2 1/2 months old)
(it wasn't until this trip that she became a little more vocal. She especially LOVED talking to her Papa!) Although she didn't talk very much in this video. It's just a fun one.

The Castle Park in Washington

This park was my favorite place to play as a child, but it has become pretty old and VERY dirty to say the least. There was garbage EVERYWHERE including:

pregnancy tests
condom wrappers.

The kids had fun anyway, and Carson decided to mark the area (pulling down his pants around his ankles and peeing on the toys). Don't worry! He got in some HUGE trouble. You'll see a picture of his LOOOOOOOONG time out. Thank heavens it hasn't happened since. I told him they'd kick him out of kindergarten if he ever did it again. How embarrassing!


Ethan (I don't have a picture of Lindsey or Clayton. She was chasing the little guy around, and was a HUGE help.


James peeking over the toys

James on the slide



Megan & Aubrey, Steve, Jacy and Kaija

Carson in time out

The cousins

The cousins: TAKE 2