Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 little peeps dancing (if you can call it that!)

A couple things I like about this video:

1. Tessa's cheesy grin at the beginning of the video. (she thought I was snapping a picture)

2. Tessa's CRAZY afro hair

3. Carson not being able to get in front of the camera enough....and his sweet dance moves. I need to steal some of those! ;o)

4. The Mario Bros 3 music in the background that they're dancing to. Yup! That's right, I beat it again in a just about 2 hours. I also love how my kids think I am the "best mom ever" when I do beat Bowser!


Tessa jumping on Carson

Sorry for the plethora of videos. The grandparents are missing their grand-kiddos and grand-baby!

Tess "playing the wii"

Tessa and her gibberish (that's a word right!?!)

this is for all your viewing pleasure, but Joni has been ON MY CASE (with good reason) for quite some time to get this posted. Here ya go!