Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 little peeps dancing (if you can call it that!)

A couple things I like about this video:

1. Tessa's cheesy grin at the beginning of the video. (she thought I was snapping a picture)

2. Tessa's CRAZY afro hair

3. Carson not being able to get in front of the camera enough....and his sweet dance moves. I need to steal some of those! ;o)

4. The Mario Bros 3 music in the background that they're dancing to. Yup! That's right, I beat it again in a just about 2 hours. I also love how my kids think I am the "best mom ever" when I do beat Bowser!


Tessa jumping on Carson

Sorry for the plethora of videos. The grandparents are missing their grand-kiddos and grand-baby!

Tess "playing the wii"

Tessa and her gibberish (that's a word right!?!)

this is for all your viewing pleasure, but Joni has been ON MY CASE (with good reason) for quite some time to get this posted. Here ya go!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I didn't tell you PART ONE

We had Christmas. Yeah, I know....that was forever ago, but I never blogged about Christmas Day!

The tree after Santa came.

The boys' gifts from Santa. Boxing gloves and a boxing bag.

A crock pot to replace the one that broke
A book for me to read and get an escape from life.
Tessa opening her FIRST present on Christmas day

We played HIDE-AND-SEEK a lot. I found the boys a GREAT spot!

Tessa stared learning how to crawl 1.4.10 (7 months and 8 days old)

And she bonded with her brothers
Bryant wasn't too happy.......
But we sure were!!!!
(if you can't tell!)
Tessa would sleep in with Dad
And we played I spy a PHEASANT in the yard. (I would have loved to shoot it and eat it! hehe)

Dorian tied flies

And tied more flies...

Tessa was the cutest baby in the books!! Especially when she was all wrapped up like a pig in a blanket!!
(she continued to be a horrible sleeper during the night. She would wake up anywhere from 2-5 times a night)
We participated in Karate. Carson loved it, James never wanted to leave my side (still was too shy). If your in the Rigby area and want to put your kids in Karate contact me! This guy (Sam) is great with the kids and amazing at what he does (and it's quite affordable)!

We had St Patrick's Day. We loved wearing green and had green pancakes, green eggs and green milk for dinner.
Tessa started teething her little vampire teeth. (OUCH!)

And a little vampire was born!!!
And she loved to wait for Carson to get home from Kindergarten!
Easter Morning came!!
We found some eggs...
Checked out our goods...
posed for pictures....
And now I'm getting a little more caught up on this blog!!! Look for another post just like this one! COMING VERY SOON!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 months later....

Finally I have a new post. I'm not promising to be better, although I want to be. I would hate to send out an empty promise of being a better blogger without the intension of following through with it. Hopefully I'll do better though!

Aug.24.09 - First day of Kindergarten

May.26.10 - Last day of Kindergarten

My oldest little guy is growing up too fast. He's such a blessing to have in our home! Love you Carson!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Green Dresser

I was on a photo walk with a friend this last summer and stumbled upon this!!! An affordable dresser. I promptly went home, had Dorian take a look at in and put in on layaway (my newest favorite thing because I only paid $15 at a time and it never seemed like I actually paid for it!!)

When we got it home we started priming it. Then Dorian had this crazy idea to maybe paint it fire-engine red!??! He was delirious obviously!! (which is so weird for him, because he usually has a great vision of things). We were thinking about going black for a while until I stumbled upon a friends blog that completely inspired me!!

This is what we finally decided on and we LOVE it!! Joni was such a help with decorating the top and was so nice to buy us the lamp as a wonderful and perfect gift for our new found love! :o)
This was the perfect piece for this spot in our house. We couldn't be more thrilled!