Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I didn't tell you PART ONE

We had Christmas. Yeah, I know....that was forever ago, but I never blogged about Christmas Day!

The tree after Santa came.

The boys' gifts from Santa. Boxing gloves and a boxing bag.

A crock pot to replace the one that broke
A book for me to read and get an escape from life.
Tessa opening her FIRST present on Christmas day

We played HIDE-AND-SEEK a lot. I found the boys a GREAT spot!

Tessa stared learning how to crawl 1.4.10 (7 months and 8 days old)

And she bonded with her brothers
Bryant wasn't too happy.......
But we sure were!!!!
(if you can't tell!)
Tessa would sleep in with Dad
And we played I spy a PHEASANT in the yard. (I would have loved to shoot it and eat it! hehe)

Dorian tied flies

And tied more flies...

Tessa was the cutest baby in the books!! Especially when she was all wrapped up like a pig in a blanket!!
(she continued to be a horrible sleeper during the night. She would wake up anywhere from 2-5 times a night)
We participated in Karate. Carson loved it, James never wanted to leave my side (still was too shy). If your in the Rigby area and want to put your kids in Karate contact me! This guy (Sam) is great with the kids and amazing at what he does (and it's quite affordable)!

We had St Patrick's Day. We loved wearing green and had green pancakes, green eggs and green milk for dinner.
Tessa started teething her little vampire teeth. (OUCH!)

And a little vampire was born!!!
And she loved to wait for Carson to get home from Kindergarten!
Easter Morning came!!
We found some eggs...
Checked out our goods...
posed for pictures....
And now I'm getting a little more caught up on this blog!!! Look for another post just like this one! COMING VERY SOON!!!