Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 little peeps dancing (if you can call it that!)

A couple things I like about this video:

1. Tessa's cheesy grin at the beginning of the video. (she thought I was snapping a picture)

2. Tessa's CRAZY afro hair

3. Carson not being able to get in front of the camera enough....and his sweet dance moves. I need to steal some of those! ;o)

4. The Mario Bros 3 music in the background that they're dancing to. Yup! That's right, I beat it again in a just about 2 hours. I also love how my kids think I am the "best mom ever" when I do beat Bowser!



Joni said...

And the "grandparents" are thrilled that you've put up all these videos. Whitney and I laughed and laughed. Of course, being the grandparents, we probably think they are funnier and cuter than most! :) Thanks sooooo much. Joni

Kritta22 said...

You are the best mom ever!!!

I wanna be like you! One day...

Grandmama said...

Yeah...a new Blog!!! How much fun for re-viewing in the years to come.

Tyler said...

So Cute! I can't wait to see you guys! Tell the kids I said hello!

Lisa and Rustin said...

OH MY GOSH!! LOVE this video!!

You have got some DANG cute kids!

Carson was killin me!

Che' and Amber said...

What a cute video! Your kids are just the cutest!

The Miles Family said...

Your dancing peeps have some sweet moves! They must get them from their mama. :)
And where has your baby gone? Tessa has sure grown up. She is darling! You can tell she belongs to you.

Thank you for your sweet comments when you found out we were expecting. You're a good friend! If you ever find yourself in know you have a place to stay.

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