Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tessa and her gibberish (that's a word right!?!)

this is for all your viewing pleasure, but Joni has been ON MY CASE (with good reason) for quite some time to get this posted. Here ya go!


The Waggoners said...

Is she still a thumb sucker? Aubrey will not sit still like that for a movie! Maybe a minute but never longer than that!

The Duckers said...

still a thumb sucker, but nothing too crazy. And she has this new obsession with sticking things up her nose. So, she sucks her thumb holds her blanket in one hand and sticks the corner of her blanket in and out of her nose. Its gross but so funny!
She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES baby Einstein, and can't get enough and gets sooo excited when we put one on! ;o)